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  • Doreen Jansson


Growth can be painful can’t it? I remember the “growing pains” of becoming a teenager, then a young adult, and then on to full blown adulthood. Each season comes with it’s own set of growing pains, but we have to grow! What alternative do we have?

I have had to do quite of bit of growing in my career and ministry over the last 25 years. Not having a formal college education, I had to learn firsthand how to run businesses, write, speak and lead organizations toward growth and development. I made many mistakes along the way, but I am so grateful for the experiences and seeing progress day by day.

John Maxwell has been a “mentor” of sorts through the reading and listening of his books, and most recently, I have become a Certified John Maxwell Speaker, Trainer and Coach.

I’ll be sharing with you 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth over the next several weeks, focusing one or two areas at a time that will help you grow as a leader, mom, dad, boss, friend or family member.

The first area is “The Law of Intentionality”, because growth doesn’t just happen.

What are some gaps in our growth process? Here are just a few:

The Assumption Gap: “I assume I will automatically grow”.

The Knowledge Gap: “I don’t know how to grow”.

The Timing Gap: “It’s not the right time to begin”.

The Mistake Gap: “I am afraid of making mistakes”.

The Perfection Gap: “I have to find the best way before I start”.

The Inspiration Gap: “I don’t feel like doing it”.

The Comparison Gap: “Others are better than I am.”

The Expectation Gap: “I thought it would be easier than this.”

Ask yourself “Which of these gaps has presented the greatest challenge for me? Here is a solution for all of the above:


Want to really grow? Take some time and write out a growth plan to address areas that need your attention and begin to take action TODAY.

Growing is not a goal, but a life-long process that starts with being intentional. While scheduling “growth time” may seem simplistic, it IS the beginning of action intention. Why not be intentional and start TODAY!

Next time I’ll be sharing about The Law of Awareness.

Living on Purpose,

Doreen Jansson

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