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Topics of Discussion:

Restart, Regeneration, Renewal

With Scriptural and testimonial authority, Doreen speaks of the power of God's redemptive love. Having lived a life that has been broken and made the choice to live and thrive in spite of the hardships and the sometimes overwhelming desire to give up.  A tenacious faith filled talk that hits the core and ministers to the heart.

Life on the Rock

A true test of faith becomes a tremendous and powerful testimony.  One that can encourage others to walk in a transformative hope.  Doreen speaks and shares her testimony of abuse, rape, abortion and the redemption of God to overcome all.

Impacting a Culture: Empowering and Equipping the Next Generation

Doreen has created workshops for conferences that impact the next generation and equips them to be a force for change, and agents of redemption.  Equipping and speaking into the lives to understand the true power of value and empower those who come to be agents of eternity, impacting their circles of influence.

My Story

I want to share my story with you so that if you are experiencing any of the struggles I had in my own life, you might find hope, healing and victory as I have in Christ.  


My life growing up was unstable at best.  My home life and childhood was wrought with an alcoholic father, parents divorcing, my own struggles with emotional pain, drugs, alcohol, rape and abortion, all before the age of 18.


I continued on a self-destructive path, gaining over 80 pounds, continuing with a drug and alcohol addiction and just about completely self-destructing by the time I was 28.  In my inner being I knew I needed to change.  I needed to make a decision.  Did I want to live or die?  The very simplistic answer in my heart was...”I want to live, but how?”


I began my journey of self-improvement starting with my weight, I lost 80 pounds!  I worked my way through all the destructive life situations one area at a time.  Life was somewhat better but the hole in my heart was still there and I knew I had come to the end of myself.  I was desperate to know what meaning life had.  Did it have any purpose at all?  Was there ever going to be a time where I would know what joy felt like?  What love felt like?  What peace felt like?  I knew the answer was with God, but how do you “get God” into your life?


In November of 1990 I finally learned that a relationship with God came through a relationship with Jesus, who said “I am the way, the truth and the life and no one comes to the Father but through Me.”  John 14:6.   I gave my life to Christ and since then my life has taken several twists and turns, with tragedies and blessings, loss of a spouse, becoming a single parent, meeting my new love, blending families and  becoming a pastor’s wife!  It’s been an amazing journey but I wouldn’t change a thing because through it all, I have come to know about GOD’S AMAZING LOVE and the transformation that is possible through a life lived with Him.  

I have so much to share with you.  Please contact me and let’s talk about creating your next event and making an impact that will last.     I look forward to sharing these topics with you and more!  There is power in the Word of God and it WILL change your life!   



Doreen Jansson

My Approach
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